Thursday, 11 September 2014

Soap Challenge: In the Pot Swirl

Haven't been able to do a challenge for a while, and this month the Greatcakes Soapworks challenge was In the Pot Swirl.  I decided to do this challenge, a) because I haven't done one for a while, and b) I am crap at in the pot swirls! I was hoping that I would learn how to do it properly.

I decided to just jump in and try a 6 colour rainbow swirl....why not, hey?
So my colours for the challenge were:
*  Ruby Red Mica - Red
*  Peach Sunset Mica - Orange
*  Lemon Mica - Yellow
*  Golden Green Mica - Green
*  Blue Kamikaze Mica - Blue
*  Cosmo Martini Mica - Purple
and a white base with Rutile Sheen Mica.

I guess everything went according to plan except the taking of photos during the process....I always forget to do this.  I scented with a mix of Kumquat and Energy Fragrance oils.  Here is the top:

And here is the finished soap.....please forgive all the air old trusty stick blender died and I had to use another one that puts a lot of bubble into the mix!  I'm not convinced about the ITP swirl being easy....I just can't seem to get a handle on it!  A couple of bars don't look too bad, but I think I will stick to other swirling techniques!!

 So that is the ITP rainbow swirl.....until next time
Bye for now
Dianne  :)

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