Thursday, 12 November 2015

Soap Challenge Club - The Tall Skinny Shimmy has been a while since I have entered a challenge.  Life certainly has got in the way this year, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn this looked so cool!

First thing I  decided  to do was go to design seeds and pick a colour pallette.  I ended up choosing two, as I couldn't decide which one I liked more!!

So, I ended up doing 2 soaps!  I had 2 tall skinny moulds, so I figured I may as well!  First one I did was the pink/blue colours.  I made a rookie mistake and added titanium dioxide to the lye water, which meant I had to blend it a bit more then  I would have liked, and therefore my batter got a bit thick.....but I still kind of like the effect!  Scented with Lovely in Lace from NG.

Next one worked a bit bitter.  The batter stayed more fluid, and I was much happier at the end.  This one is scented with Yuzu from NG.

I really enjoyed this technique, and will definitely do it again.  Thanks to Tatiana for showing us how to do this, and for the instructions on how to make the corflute mould....I am sure this will come in handy one day  :)

Until next time
Dianne  :)

Friday, 17 April 2015

April Soap Challenge - The Spinning Swirl

It has been a while since i have done a challenge.  Life has gotten in the way a bit, but I wanted to make time for this one, as it is a new technique to me.  Not too keen on slab molds, or the having to cut horizontally, but I put all that aside and plugged on!!

I decided to do my rainbow soap, as I needed to make some more, and lets face it, this soap seems to get reincarnated every time there is a challenge!!  It is scented with a mixture of Kumquat & Energy Fragrance oils.  These are all my colours before I started pouring.

No photos of the during stage, but I do have some of pre - spin and post - spin!  My batter got a little thick by the end, so the middle didn't really spin!!

I used a cardboard box as my mold, as the only slab mold I have I am not fond of!  It seemed to work well.

Here are the cut photos:

While not completely happy with how they turned out, due to the batter thickening too much, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.  Due to my aversion to slab molds, and cutting horizontally however, I don't think I will do this again for a while!!  :)

Thanks Amy for another great challenge....and good luck to everyone...

Until next time, take care

Dianne  :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Butterfly Swirl - January Soap Challenge 2015

Happy New Year everyone.  Here's hoping 2015 will be a great one!

The Challenge this month is the butterfly swirl, and boy, did I chew up my data watching those videos over and over again!!  Basically, it is a kind of drop swirl, then you get your hanger tool and do some fancy moves with it to get the butterfly.  When 2 soaps are placed side by side, they should look like a butterfly!  Hmmmmm.....I got some aliens, and some bug like creatures....not sure about butterflies!!  The best butterfly I got was in my test run....1 colour, Lavender patchouli Essential oils......

So , after my success with my practice run, I got a little ambitious, and decided that I would do a rainbow butterfly!  Yes......6 of them the base colour and the rest I used as the swirl colours.

Here is my hanger tool.....I used electrical tape to tape chopsticks to my hanger.....worked a treat!

So my Rainbow Soap is fragranced with a mix of Energy and Kumquat FO's.  I used the following micas:
Yellow: Lemon Mica
Red: Ruby Red
Orange: Peach sunset
Blue: Blue kamikaze
Purple: Cosmo Martini
Green:  Golden Green
Here are my colours all mixed and ready.  I used the yellow as my base colour and the rest for the swirls.

Everything went pretty much according to plan, finished the top and put the thing to bed!

Here are the results.  I must say I am quite pleased with how this turned out....not really sure if they are butterflies or not, but the effect is pretty cool.

I like the way you get a totally different picture depending on which way you put the soaps together...the next 2 photos are the same pair of soaps.

This one kind of looks lie a skull in the middle!  :)

Anyway....I totally had fun doing this technique.  I have since done it a couple of more times, just because I can!  I really like the swirls this generates....definitely something I will pull out every now and then.....

Well that's it for now.......until next month  
Dianne  :)