Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Soap Challenge: The Drop Swirl

Hi there....it's is time again for a new Soap Challenge from Amy warden at Greatcakes Soapworks.  This month, the technique is the Drop Swirl.  I had done a few drop swirls before the challenge, but it was good to see a new video, and take on how to do it.  This challenge has renewed my love of the Drop swirl....you get so many cool designs from it.  I did quite a few drop swirls in the lead up to reveal day, and here are  the two that I had the most trouble choosing between!  Will let you know at the end of the post which one I have chosen to enter!

First one I did was with the fragrance Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper.  Oh how I love this fragrance, and it plays quite nicely too.  I chose Red, Orange, Yellow and White as my colours.  I used micas to achieve the colours.  Here it is.  I got a lot of comments about this soap on my facebook page...people saw something in the soap...can you see it?  :)

Next I decided to do a rainbow drop swirl.  I regularly make a Rainbow Soap using the tiger stripe method, which I sell as  fundraiser soap for Autism awareness.  So I decided to change the design for a one off time, and do it Drop Swirl style.  I am pretty stoked with how it turned out, and I think it will be a bit of a winner with my regular customers.

Even writing this post I was still undecided as to which one to enter!  Wish I could do both!!  Anyway, I flipped a coin and the rainbow soap won, so I guess that one is my entry!  Hope you all like it!  Can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with.  I love these Challenges, and can't wait for the next one  :)
Bye everyone
Dianne  :)

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