Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Soap Challenge : Embeds

Hello everyone!  Time again for another soap challenge from Greatcakes Soapworks.  I always have so much fun doing these challenges, and this month's challenge of "Embeds" was no different.  I have done embed soaps before, but decided to give this challenge a go anyway.

I made 2 soaps in the end.  One with balls, and one with a long embed.

For the ball embed soap. I made several different colored soaps, and made some balls of singular colors, and some balls that were several different colors.  I then rolled some in gold mica, and some in black mica.  The fragrance I chose for this was "Glitter" from NG.  Supposedly it was meant to rice, but I added my fragrance to the oils before the lye mix, and it behaved perfectly!  Anyway it smells absolutely gorgeous!  Here is the finished soap.

I have called this one Glitter Balls!

My next soap I made was with a fragrance called Stormy Nights.  I had an image in my head of what I wanted this soap to look like.  I have a star embed tube mold, so I filled this with white soap and waited for a few days before I could unmold it.  Then I mad some more soap, split it into 3 parts, and colored one part with Activated Charcoal, one part with Blue Ultra Marine, and one part with Titanium dioxide.  I then mixed several different colors together using these colors, to hopefully represent a stormy night sky, and layered them into the mold.  Here is what I did with the top.  At Christmas time I made a soap that I put mica dots down one side and turned them into stars using a skewer.  This time I covered the whole top in gold mica dots  :)

And then began the anxious wait to unmold.  I had used a silicone mold, so I knew it would be a few days before I could get it out!  Finally I was able to push it out, and here is Stormy Nights....pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Well that's it for another Challenge.  I decided to enter Stormy Nights this month.  Thanks Amy for yet another challenge and good luck everyone.....this was fun.

See you next time
Dianne  :)

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