Monday, 10 June 2013

The Peacock Swirl - Soap Challenge Club

Hi everyone.....the time has come to tell you all how my peacock swirl experience went!  I used the recipe off the website, which was:
35% Olive Oil
30% Palm Oil
25% Coconut Oil
10% Rice Bran Oil
5% superfat
I used a fragrance I had not used yet Black Raspberry Vanilla from BB.  All I can say is YUM!!

Anyway, back to it.  My first attempt was a total bust.  Soap thickened too much, and I had my skewers too close together in the tool I made to do the pass through.....long story short...all my pretty colours got mixed together!

But it got the better of me and I tried again that afternoon.  I used the colours: Red, Yellow, White and Black.  Put my fragrance in the rest of the soap batter and into the mold.  I squeezed the colours alternately into the mold in stripes.  Then I got my SINGLE SKEWER!!  Wasn't game enough to use the tool again, so I used a single skewer to do the initial pull through:

Then came the confusing S curves!  Got the skewer again and drew the s curves through the soap batter....wasn't that neat, but it turned out OK in the end:

And here are the cut bars.  I think for a first attempt it turned out OK.... I was definitely out of my comfort zone, and I am so glad I did this challenge....can't wait for the next one  :)

Oh I should add that I had to spend about 2 hours steaming ash off the cut bars....silly ash!!

Well that's it...will do a post later about my failed attempt and my third attempt, that was really good until the next day when I looked at it and it had tine popped air bubbles along the s curve lines!  :(
Oh well....
Bye for now...

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