Friday, 17 April 2015

April Soap Challenge - The Spinning Swirl

It has been a while since i have done a challenge.  Life has gotten in the way a bit, but I wanted to make time for this one, as it is a new technique to me.  Not too keen on slab molds, or the having to cut horizontally, but I put all that aside and plugged on!!

I decided to do my rainbow soap, as I needed to make some more, and lets face it, this soap seems to get reincarnated every time there is a challenge!!  It is scented with a mixture of Kumquat & Energy Fragrance oils.  These are all my colours before I started pouring.

No photos of the during stage, but I do have some of pre - spin and post - spin!  My batter got a little thick by the end, so the middle didn't really spin!!

I used a cardboard box as my mold, as the only slab mold I have I am not fond of!  It seemed to work well.

Here are the cut photos:

While not completely happy with how they turned out, due to the batter thickening too much, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.  Due to my aversion to slab molds, and cutting horizontally however, I don't think I will do this again for a while!!  :)

Thanks Amy for another great challenge....and good luck to everyone...

Until next time, take care

Dianne  :)

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