Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dandelion Zebra Swirl Soap Challenge

Hi there......another soap challenge is over and done with!  This month for the Greatcakes Soapworks Challenge, we had to create a soap with what is called the dandelion zebra swirl, which is named after the very talented soaper Vinvela Ebony and explained on her blog Dandelion SeiFee.

I used a slow moving recipe, but an unknown fragrance (silly, I know!), a fragrance called Kismet.  The colours I chose were a pale yellow for the base colour, with black (activated charcoal), white (titanium dioxide), purple (cosmo martini mica) and orange (orange heaven mica).

With the colours all mixed, and the flexible cutting mat in the mold it was going pretty well, but I did notice that my soap batter did get quite thick by the end.  But I kept going, and the end result is not too bad.  Did a pretty swirl on top, and put it to bed.

So the end result of the dandelion zebra swirl......quite enjoyed doing it, and quite like the effect.  

I did do another one....this time with Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance, and all micas as the colours, so I didn't have to stick blend any of the colours in.  this time it was almost too fluid!  But the end result was quite nice as well...I just like the colours of my first one better!

So....that is it for another challenge.  Thanks once again to Amy Warden for organizing these challenges, and for everyone who participates....I just love seeing the amazing talent of all of you.

Until next time
Dianne  :)

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  1. They are just beautiful. I am brand new to soaping and made my very first batch two days ago. I did good.